Let us Eradicate Autism 

and other disabilities 

DET application is a complete remedy for Autism and other human disabilities. It is tested and verified 
We teach the technology for curing human disabilities. It is ancient knowledge and technology that gives the true effect of changing the wrong algorithm of the human body. All the disability factor is developing during the prepartum period and that cannot changeable through other approaches. We have 14 technologies to change all human disabilities. You can be part of changing the world completely after learning it.

PG Diploma in Disability Elimination Technology 

Technology for Cure

Autism, Developmental 


Learning Disability,  Dementia,

Chromosomal disorders and other Disabilities.




The modern innovations and defenition have limitations in the case of human disabilities and other conditions. Because biology defined the problems only after birth. biological definitions never consider the prepartum period and the possibilities and risk during the prepartum period. In DET, we can perfectly reinstall the lost particles and damages of the body without any medications. It is designed as per the definitions of ancient knowledge defined in Vedas and related knowledge. Living without any worries is a  knowledge that we teach through the technologies and that we developed through the common man language. So, it can understand easily to anyone who can read, write and understand the languages. So it is a technical course for all class of people who is interested to be the part of the new branch of science.

Technology for HIV/AIDS, Multiple Syndromes (MS)

Alzheimer's, Premature aging, Aesthetic imbalance, hormonal Imbalance and other 1200 numbers of rare diseases. The complete technology teaching through PGDDET.

A nonmedical alternative technology can be practiced by anyone after the successful completion of the online course.


One year Post Graduate Diploma in Disability Elimination Technology

This course is consisting of 49 technologies through 14 theories that help to normalize all human disabilities and rare diseases. It is 350 hours of teaching programs through recorded and interactive sessions that capable to understand the science behind it. It is a technical know-how training program for learners. Every student has the opportunity to manage 1 project independently after learning the theory. Upon successful completion, one can practice in the area of disability normalization as a carrier and through that can eradicate the medically incurable human conditions.

Online Interactive Video Teachings with Lessons

This is an online course designed for a better understanding of each learner perfectly. A disability can be up to 98789 reasons by singly or jointly. And the learned definition of biology is explaining differences in the approaches of the practical elimination theory of DET. It is considered the cause of disability is by the prepartum period. The way of teaching is to make understand different kinds of specific knowledge with the support of light boards, Graphical drawings through notes and live classes. Most of the theories are conceived from various ancient civilizations and heritage knowledge.

A Perfect Profession with  Human Disabilities 

After successful completion of the course, one can effectively change a human disability in a few weeks. The disabilities have no classifications in this technology instead it is looking where is the problem attacked in the body's vital points that show in different behavior. It can be Autism, GDD or chromosomal problems and we can call it any name. The algorithm of a human body in terms of DET is different than the established biology or terms of medicine. It is seeing differently and through the steps of how a being is developed from zero-day. The theories and practice of this technology give instant change in every disabled, every day and the change will complete in a few weeks.


with technology mission 

If there are no solutions for human disabilities and rare diseases, we have to understand that the problem is with the beholder and the definitions that already established. Upon that we have to analyze what are the other possibilities. The Heritagecampus has been with the innovations through those aspects since 1990. Now we designed the theory and technology together and that we teach the world for resistance. It is designed as a Post Graduate Diploma. 

Let us work jointly for the eradication of human disabilities

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