What is Disability Elimination Technology 

A body can be normalized from any conditions and rare-disease by using a few kinds of applications described in the ancient and Vedic knowledge. As per Vedic definitions, there are 98789 vital points in a human body that points are the conductors of all signals across the body. And any or all vital points inactive singly or jointly is caused for disabilities and rare disease in one’s own life. So, all this problem is unique and has no similarity to one to other in the appearance of a disability.


The fourteen theories and forty-nine formulas are capable to manage any or all human disabilities and rare diseases related to the human body.  The definition of the theories is interconnected with one another. Heritage campus has a teaching program for disability Elimination. This also works for aging reverse and control, administrating and curing of rare disease. In modern situations, a single theory will not work alone for that we are installed many theories together to establish an effective result. All this collectively works for repairing the non-connected vital points, nerve, vein, muscles, bone, and skin. This is not related to any medicinal application and is a process of a few weeks, upon that the damaged body parts will be reinstalled naturally. It is explained in the fifth Veda of ancient knowledge. 

Heritage campus has a project called Disability Elimination Technology, DET, for teaching technology and practice. It is aimed to eradicate human disabilities from the earth within 2025. It is a 5-year project and for that Heritage Campus will give training to the interested person throughout the world and after successfully completing the theory helps to practice in disability management independently. 

The theory-more explanation

There are many methodologies that have been practiced during the ancient days, prior to the modern knowledge, capable to manage all the problems of the man. After innovating, developing and popularizing the modern systems, the old system has been ignored or not followed it for many reasons. The medical system considered a pathological finding and administration are recommended medically for diseases as per the terms. But in disabilities, no pathological finding is available because it is affected by vital points and it needs a different approach in administration.  Disabilities and rare diseases are medical or body conditions for that medicine or any intaking will not work. Most of this condition is affecting the body during the prepartum period and that will act any or all parts of the body. As per the theory of Vedic definitions, there are 98789 virtual points of a human body and any kind of actions to it can be caused for damages in the body.  During the pregnancy and delivery period, there are many chances of harming these points.

In terms to understand, the human body has two classifications for biology itself. The first classification is the life in the mother’s womb. It is a kind of living in the water. During this period of pregnancy, many difficult situations are facing the child while living inside the mother. There is scientific decoding with it and a lot of risk factors can be detected. The delivery and first cry are the major critical period in human life.  The life after the mother's womb, a delivery, is forcefully kicking out a baby to earth from the mother’s womb. It is a process that compresses the head of the baby into half radios of actuals to pull out through the vaginal path. It is considered the highest pain in human life and after compressing the head and body pulling out as peart the whole mechanism is called delivery. And the child is coming out to 200 percentage cold temperature than the inside womb with soft unmatured skin tissues, and not able to breathe even. Because during the life inside the mother, every baby is getting the oxygen and food through umbilical code and no breath process is there. Hence a baby has never experienced a breath prior to this outside life situation. We do not forget the secret and horrible part of the infant in this stage. This cause to happen major percentage of disabilities.

 The rare disease also a condition that acts as anything harming into vital points of the body and the body is not capable to revert or self-heal by itself and under some kind of deactivation on a particular organ that is a rare disease. Due to that the corresponding area of the body will be inactive and that area will not get sensing with the brain is the cause of the deformity and aesthetic imbalance. By facilitating and following the protocols for a few weeks the human body will be normalized from any conditions and that is the secrecy of these discoveries.

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