Defenition of The Theory 

he oldest Vedic theory defined as the body of a man and idle of God is similar. In Vedas there are hundred of ritual processes everything is for the wellbeing of the man. God is a mediator in all occasions in human life. Sperm and egg are independent living bodies that move but have no soul. The birth process in a dark tunnel (Mother womb) as an energy fusion as a result of excitements male and female bodies. Birth is a fusion of light in association with a union. This light needs a holder for existing that is called the body and is developing after the fusion of light is called a body. This body has seventeen actions to perform when and where required. The constitution of the seventeen actions correspondingly making a body good or bad. The regulations of a number of actions are life science defined everywhere both in Vedas and Science. whenever a body is damaged the body fails to hold the light. Losing light is called death. But in ancient days there is a ritual process for the existence of the light in many ways. All those are the modern form of rare disease, disabilities, and deformities in various kinds. 

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