Reinforcement of lost particles of the Human body and restoration of microparticles for the normalization of human cells using the ancient methodology for the purpose of Disability Elimination and Rare Disease curing. It is mentioned and explains only at pre-Vedic and Vedic topics and definitions. By understanding and learning the principles and technology, one can change anything. That is the theory of DET.


The human body is a wonderful mechanism that created by atomic particles. We can call it Microparticles. The administration of these microparticles is managed by the body in different ways. It is a system of engineering for production and administration of the particles through very kind of seasoning, absorption, rejection, separation, conjunction, contractions, etc. The total process is called actions. collectively the mechanism works with self-action and it is an automated program and engineering. The limitations on organizing actions and control are the basic factors od disabilities and rea disease for human beings, plants, and animals. The action can be regulated using appropriate technicalities and applications to the particle level and that can be acted the body instantly. This process is called Disability Elimination Technology (DES).


Disability Elimination technology is engineering and manufacturing at the molecular scale, thereby taking advantage of the unique properties that exist at that scale. The application of this process is called Micro-Particle reorganization.

This theory reviews the study of the different aspects of particles in different forms around us how we can utilize and control it. DET concerned with molecular-scale properties and applications of biological microparticle structures and as such, it sits at the interface between the chemical, biological and the physical sciences. Applications in the field of prevention, curing, and protection of medically incurable conditions in main and undetected rare diseases in general. The special research approach and application is given in this science of paper is on the application of “Reinforcement of lost particles for the normalization of disability and rare disease”.

 This paper also proposes the use of biometric fingerprint identification through the decoding of fingerprint diagnosing human body constitutional based conditions and disorder the whole and in general is an apt way of understanding equal to the pathological examinations used in medical science. It shall not be discussing medical science and its approaches, because this system is not involving with any medicinal intaking or approaches. It is discussing disabilities, deformities and rare diseases.


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